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Set up! Initially, we will deliver your baby’s soft 100% all cotton cloth diapers along with your start-up package. For an additional charge we can also deliver any of the following items: Diaper Pail, Diaper Covers, Snappi, or Deodorizing Discs.

(We require a 4 week minimum for service, payable in advance)
(Diaper Service prices are based per week, size of diaper and by the number of diapers contracted) 

Start! Now it’s time to use your soft 100% all cotton cloth diapers! When a diaper is soiled we will do all the dirty work. Simply dump or shake off excess poop into the toilet and place diaper into the diaper pail. No rinsing, no soaking, no dunking! (If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you can skip this step, as their soft, unformed poop is washed out easily during our multi-step, sanitizing process.)

Pick up! On your designated pick-up day, simply leave the dirty diapers in the pail liner in a predetermined spot at your home. And that’s it! Your part in the diaper cleaning process is done! We will come to your home and pick up the dirty diapers, replacing them with fresh, clean diapers inside a fresh, clean pail liner.

We deliver! If you ever need to add additional items to your weekly delivery, simply call us at (602) 301-2341 or email us 2 days before your delivery day and we will leave them with your scheduled delivery.

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